Netanyahu opponents reach coalition deal to oust Israeli PM

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I don’t know if his replacement will be any better, but I’m glad to see him gone.


No man other than Netanyahu could cause a government headed by a hardcore right-wing prime minister with 6 seats, with participation from hardcore left-wing Meretz, supported by United Arab List which has a god damn shura council, to form for the sole purpose of ousting him personally.


This is huge. The main problem in Israeli politics, and by extension the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is corruption. Both Bibi and Abbas are horrible people that keep this stalemate going. If Lapid and Bennet manage to form a coalition, even just a short enough one to pass legislation preventing from a person facing criminal charges for running for Prime Minister and indtrocude term limits, it will be a huge first step in fighting the corruption on the Israeli side. In addition, this is the paralmentary democratic process in action. Many smaller parties form a coalition, each comprising heavily but it is necessary to to move forward and face the deeper issues at play. This is the first time in Israel’s history that an Arab party will be part of the coalition, it’s actual history.


Just hours after u/tedcruz had a photo op with him to gain some of Netanyahu’s credibility. That’s 0 for 2 Ted.


I’m not a fan of bennett either but as long as he is in a coalition with a center-left majority he can’t do too much harm. That being said, even if this government is disfunctional it’s a success in my eyes, it finally got rid of a corrupt PM who was willing to start wars for political gain and would sell every single one of his voters for another day in charge, we can finally move to a new chapter in our history, which hopefully is a more peaceful one.