Opinion: The Biden team is making terrible excuses for keeping Trump’s secrets buried

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We need a full investigation of the insurrection.


>As the Biden administration increasingly resists pressure to release various documents that would shed light on the depths of Donald Trump’s corruption, you’ll be hearing a key excuse a lot: We need to restore normalcy. >It’s a terrible excuse. And we shouldn’t stand for it.


Id take this opinion worth a grain of salt. Biden does not like Trump at all. I think the debates show that. Frankly any decent person would dislike him, so I do not see a world where Biden is protecting Trump. There’s prolly something else going on.


>Justice officials tell CNN the department’s leaders have tried to cast the current administration as restoring normalcy after four years of Trump interfering in the nation’s top law enforcement agency. >Part of that effort, the officials say, is refraining from using the department to relitigate controversies from the previous administration. How do you relitigate something that was never litigated the first time, because evidence was withheld?


Yeah, turns out “letting your political opponents off the hook for all their crimes when you take over” is another bipartisan policy. Expect little to no consequences for anyone, let alone trump.