People are sketched out by “haunted places” where many people have died, but aren’t creeped out on highways and expressways where thousands have died.

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Until you drive down a road that has many memorial white crosses that represent deadly collisions in that exact spot and decayed flowers, stuffed animals, and other memorabilia.


Someone should make a Horror film about a haunted highway and maybe we’d start to think more that way. Representation matters.


Graveyards should be fairly safe from a being chased by a ghost perspective because not many people actually died there.


Tbf the percentage of people who went there and died is probably higher in the haunted mansion


Highway driving at night can be pretty creepy. lights shining off an animal’s eyes in the dark, some periods of time where there’s no one else on the road and everything around you is pitch black except for the patch your lights hit, don’t even get me started on highways near forests.