People who ended up with their first crush, what’s your story?

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Uk based story. School trip to Longleat, a pretty blond girl on the back seat of the coach caught my eye… but I was shy when I was 14. It was ok though, I’d caught her eye and her friend told me to sit next to her. We dated on and off through school. I always had a crush on her. Then she wasn’t there any more. I now know that her dad had got a job in Hong Kong. The plan was for her to do Olevels and she’d been accepted into the RAF and the England Hockey summer camp, so she had things lined up. But her mum decided at Christmas that she wanted to be in Hong Kong too… and by new year 1985 Di had emigrated with her plans and exams ruined. When I was 17 I got a job at the local supermarket for spending money. I was behind the cheese counter. I saw her come in, I was mortified, in my white coat and plastic trilby, so I hid in the fridge. I assumed she was back in town… but I didn’t see her again. I thought about her often, spoke about her to my best mate wondering where she’d gone I went on to my normal life, had kids etc. She went on to an extreme life, stole money to run away from Hong Kong to England, with just a Teddy bear – no money to get from Heathrow to Liverpool because someone stitched her up bouncing a check, bur the CEO of British Caledonian had seen her on the airplane and was walking past when he realised she was in trouble. She was eyecatchingly beautiful…. he got a driver to take her to Liverpool. She went to art college, but a friend died of drugs and felt she might go the same way, and then lived a life of homelessness, suffered much violence, suicide attempts etc, and a full on drug fueled party lifestyle, although also some great highs – she counted pop stars and artists as friends, ate at top restaurants and stayed in top hotels. When I was 40, its 2008 now – freshly divorced, very broke (ex was a solicitor) and in a bad way mentally her name popped up on Facebook. We met up… she helped me, I gave her stability we moved in together, and have been married for 8 years and are very very happy. I often wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t hid in the fridge. I dwell on it sometimes. She has largely got over the worst parts of her early life and had quit drugs in 2000 so I didn’t see the party girl. But her scars remain and that saddens me when I think about it.


We met in band when I was 10 years old and I was immediately both terrified of and obsessed with her and couldn’t quite identify why- over the course of middle school, the fear kind of faded- I definitely had a crush, but was fairly confident she’d never see me that way and I decided I would just try to be her friend. I definitely made a fool of myself in front of her a few times, but I tried to stay subtle about having a thing for her. At the end of 8th grade, she mentioned offhand that she was interested in someone, and I pestered her about who it was until she finally told me that it was me. Once the complete and utter shock wore off, I asked if I could hold her hand. That was 10 years ago and I plan on asking her to marry me later this year.


She was my babysitter. Don’t freak out, it’s not as creepy as it sounds. I was 6, she was 14. She lived down the street, and had glowed up early. My parents were going through a messy divorce so mom left me with her on several occasions. Looking back, she was born to be a babysitter. We watched more Sesame Street and Electric Company than any high schooler who wanted to act cool had any right to allow, and that endeared me to her. It seemed like she understood me and my needs better than either of my parents did. Obviously, to her, I was a paycheck, and six. She still grew to enjoy the times we had together, kind of being a mom away from mom if that makes sense. Fast forward sixteen years, I’ve just graduated college, and am doing a teaching residence, having discovered I love helping kids learn to read. Walking down the halls on my first day in the new school, I pass a room with a familiar name on the door. Figure it’s someone else with the same name, just a coincidence. Nope. Next day she’s in there, decorating, and looks exactly like I imagined she would. We share a hug, and she asks if I’m up for coffee later. Why not, we can catch up and share stories. There we go, and all of a sudden, a completely new dynamic began to form. Long story short, the day after the end of the next school year, I got down on one knee, and asked her something. She made me the happiest girl in the world when she said “you should have put a serious tag on this question.”


Trying to sum up a truly long story… First grade, love at first sight. For me. Not her. She moved schools in 7th grade, I was devastated. Thought I’d never see her again, but it was a small city and I was not a smart boy. Mutual friends and interests saw us become good friends in high school. Good enough for her to bring me to her prom, but not enough to have a romantic date. Through college and after, we’d keep in touch and hang out during holidays back home, but life went on until my second college stint, dating another woman, I was hit with the need to tell her how I felt. Not to get together with her, but just to get it off my chest. She knew I liked her but not to what extent. She was having a bad time at school doing her doctorate in geology. For obvious reasons, my relationship with the other woman failed. Damn, this is getting long. That January, we got together to watch movies. I was nervous to tell her, so I kept pouring her wine. Turns out, she was nervous to tell me she had been having feelings for me for a year, so she kept drinking the wine. Her dad, laying on the floor watching the movies withbus, was oblivious to everything. We’re finally alone, she says something, I blurt out, “WAIT, ARE YOU HITTING ON ME?” And we spend our first night as a couple with me holding her hair while she puked. Married in 2006, now have two amazing kids and she doesn’t drink. …as much.


We met in high school because our two friend groups kinda merged into one friend group. Started dating about halfway through college. Got married a year after graduation. Still happily married 29 years later.