Pressure mounts on Manchin as ‘panic’ sets in among Democrats over voting rights

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It’s time to put on the big boy pants and do the right thing.


Usually “panic” is hyperbolic in a headline. But, I’m actually starting to feel a bit panicked that my current 3/5’s of a vote will be reduced to 0/5’s of a vote.


This is literally the only legislation that matters before 2022. Other stuff would be nice but if we can’t get a fair election in 2022, the fascists will prevent (or at least rig) the vote in 2024 and beyond. The survival of our democracy depends on S1 / HR1 passing.


Glad people are finally taking this situation seriously, I’ve been panicking about it for months. Republicans are performing an attack on our democracy unlike anything since the civil war. Their efforts to rig elections across the country in their favor should be viewed no differently than the events of January 6th. What we are witnessing is their second coup attempt, one which is currently on track for success. Unless this Republican plot is stopped we will soon be in a situation where Democrats can never again win federal majorities despite representing far more of the population. We would be locked into Fascist minority rule with no electoral path out. For months I hoped Manchin and Sinema would change their minds but now that seems very unlikely. They are willing to doom our democracy for their own personal gain and have made crystal clear essential voting rights legislation is not happening. It seems as though our last option to fight back against this Republican coup is mass political action by the American people to defend Democracy. Those who must cheat to win elections cannot be seen as legitimate.


It’s say it’s less ‘panic’ and more ‘fury’ as the Republicans more and more clearly have no interest in governing along side a Democrat-led democracy, and have built, from where I stand, their entire platform on ever-more-startling hypocrisies. How can you vote against voting rights? It just boggles my mind.