Research has found eating at least two serves of fruit daily has been linked with 36% lower odds of developing type 2 diabetes. Higher insulin sensitivity and a lower risk of diabetes was only observed for people who consumed whole fruit, not fruit juice

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So people who generally live healthier lifestyles


TLDR: eating healthier makes you healthier


Does anyone else find the word “serves” extremely annoying? I mean, leaving it at “servings” is a total of two extra letters and zero extra syllables. Do we really need this nonsensical abbreviation?


Fruit warding off diabetes seems a little strange since fruit has a significant amount of sugar, even if a lot of it is tied up as higher saccharides. Is there something else in fruit that helps us process glucose? Also, for the group that didn’t eat fruit, does it say what they consumed instead? If it’s ice cream the finding is intuitive, but if it’s vegetables or lean meat that’d be really interesting.


This has to be taken with a major grain of salt and not read as “eat as much fruit as possible”, because eating very large quantities of fruit (and nectars) was a major factor in pushing my pre-diabetes into type 2. There *is* such a thing as too much fruit if you are predisposed to diabetes through genetics.