Shortages loom as ransomware hamstrings the world’s biggest meat producer

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> Nobody could have foreseen this coming uuhhh… hate to tell you this mate, but…


I like how they always make it sound so James Bond with the “criminal organisation based in Russia, the FBI is investigating” when the attack probably got in through an email from a .ru domain or through some old computer/server running XP or Server 2003 that’s been “too expensive” to replace. IT security – especially at places like factories – keeps being neglected, so crap like this is going to keep happening. You’d be genuinely embarrassed at the practices in place at companies you’d think would know better or would at least have the money to hire people who do. This article is hilarious in other ways “ransomware now considered an existential threat” – only by people wholly unprepared for it. “Nobody could have seen this coming” – except the literal thousands of IT professionals who keep telling you to sort yourself out.


Glad I woke up early this morning so I can rush out and fill my car with meat before any of my neighbors can buy any :/


the work of big VEGAN?


Heh Hamstring