Stimulus Checks Substantially Reduced Hardship, Study Shows

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> A new analysis of Census Bureau surveys argues that the two latest rounds of aid significantly improved Americans’ ability to buy food and pay household bills and reduced anxiety and depression, with the largest benefits going to the poorest households and those with children. This is a big “duh” to anyone who is not wealthy


While I get the whole “No shit” reaction, it’s still a good idea to get it in writing with stats and clearly defined correlations, to hopefully speed up decision making in the future. Don’t need our elected officials trying to tell use 1200$ is enough to live on for 2 months when the next disaster hits.


BREAKING NEWS: Money helps people


It’s the most pro life policy in recent times, and unsurprisingly it didn’t come from Republicans.


Yes. Money is a tool that we could use to address many issues in our country but instead we allow it to accumulate with a few and allow them to buy our representation.