There’s always enough asphalt for speed bumps but not for potholes.

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In Chicago, some of the potholes are so bad that they will literally stop your car if you drive into one. So in a way, they do prevent speeding.


Whose fault. Asphalt


Aha where do u think the asphalt comes from also speed dips instead of speed bumps


If you want the serious boring answer to this, it’s all down to funding, in the UK at least. Councils have a stupid system where each department is given x amount of money each year, which they have to budget. Pothole filling is allocated a certain budget, buses to pick up elderly people have a budget, school lunch planning has a budget, and so does speed bumps. The last 3 you can pretty easily work out how much you need, potholes not as easily. Then there is the issue that when people sue the council for damaged vehicles due to a pothole, it comes out of the budget of the department filling potholes. So if you have a lot of bad potholes causing damage, you will end up with even more potholes causing damage because the money to fix them is being used on Bob’s range rover. You might also notice loads of random work being done from February to the end of April. April is year end and if any money in the budget isn’t used, it gets lost for the next year.


I suppose it’s lives before tyres.