Thousands of Tokyo Olympics volunteers quit – NHK

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In this day and age I can’t understand how something like the olympics relies on volunteer work. They’re just not paying people for working on a huge event? Are there truly thousands of people out there who feel it is their calling to help run the olympics?


I like that the Olympics is supposed to bring all nations together for some good old fashioned sportsmanship, but there’s too much evidence to deny that hosting it in a different city every time causes more damage than necessary.


Make the Olympic officials and bankers work the event.


IOC has been a greedy money driven entity for a while now. It needs to go.


Good on them. Screw the IOC. Imagine being an unpaid volunteer for an event that should not be held in the interest of public health and safety and a bunch of priviledged old men tells your country to “make sacrifices” to hold their shitty event – and realising by “sacrifices” they basically mean your life and those of any spectators that might get lured into attending this dumb event. We have to stop entertaining evil organisations that do not care about the human cost of their shitty events.