Thousands of Tokyo Olympics volunteers quit

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I realize that it would be a tremendous waste of money but the 2020 Olympics should be cancelled. And yes they insist on calling it the 2020 Olympics for merch reasons. All this is about money, so I am glad the people of Tokyo are telling them to fuck off


Why not just do both the Summer and Winter Olympics in 2022? Just wait. Sheesh.


It would be absolutely hilarious to see The People of Japan keep these games from happening, or cause it to be riddled with problems. To every single government that insists on acting against the wishes of the vast majority of the population: haha, and fuck you. The People are getting increasingly tired of it, on a global basis.


From the article, 10,000 out of 80,000 volunteers quit. My perspective as a former nonprofit worker who did volunteer organizing: You postponed a multi-week event a whole year and ONLY 1 in 8 volunteers quit (12.5%) That’s AWESOME. It would not have been surprising if they’d lost 30-40% after the year we’ve had and the health concerns. Somebody is doing a great job with communications, keeping the Olympic volunteer base engaged and committed to the project. I’m not endorsing the IOC here (far from it!). Just saying that in the world of volunteer organizing, postponing an event a whole year and losing 12.5% of the original volunteers is not a disaster.


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