TIL a woman named Frances Perkins was outside the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory during the fire and saw dozens of people jump to their deaths due to unsafe work conditions. She went on to become the first female Secretary of Labor and founded the Factory Investigating Commission to improve work safety

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she helped make labor issues important in the emerging New Deal coalition. She was one of two Roosevelt cabinet members to remain in office for his entire presidency.


Did you listen to the latest Behind the Bastards?


Never forget, all safety regulations are written in blood


Lest we forget what unregulated capitalism looks like.


Such a sad story but it caused a lot of positive changes for everyone in the world. For those who don’t know: The Triangle Shirtwaist factory was a factory in downtown New York city on an upper floor of a large building. The factory had failed to meet its quota so the manager chained and padlocked the door, telling them that they couldn’t leave the factory until they met the quota. A fire broke out and there was nowhere for them to escape to (this was before fire escapes, sprinkler systems, extinguishers, and whatnot) so the women and children working in the factory started jumping out the windows. It was either jump out the window or burn to death in a fire. Onlookers watched in horror as dozens of women and children jumped out of the windows and died very gruesome deaths. Needless to say it grabbed national attention and caused a wave of labor reforms and fire safety laws