TIL Prehistoric Europeans made clay baby bottles in the shape of cute animals. These bottles have been found in the graves of infants, indicating an importance greater than simply function.

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This makes me extremely happy. I for some reason really love that society no matter how much from the current time removed always (somewhat, I know there are tons of counterexamples) tried to comfort children and how it’s baked into the human nature. Same goes for plates for babies where there is a smiling cartoon dog on it. Sure it is designed and marketed for children but the base idea of it is to comfort children. I love thinking about this.


I wonder if you can buy ceramic replicas of these. A cursory search on Etsy was fruitless. My daughter would get a kick out of one of these.


Human nature never changes.


Ah thanks. This article/knowledge gave me the motivation to leave for work


At first I thought “those kind of look like kangaroos with stubby tails!” then I saw the triple snouted pig..