TIL that during Pol Pot’s regime, average life expectancy in Cambodia in 1977 was 18.91 years.

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“My conscience is clear.” ~ Pol Pot Few men have lived and died as despicable as Pol Pot.


Such people can kill millions and feel nothing, meanwhile generations of Cambodians have to deal with the trauma of his regime. I can only imagine the PTSD that those who survived have to deal with. Being forced to eat anything to survive and watching loved ones die such horrible deaths. I don’t even know how anyone could pick up the pieces and move on after that.


It’s incredible how someone can kill millions of people and yet be almost entirely ignored by history classes. Nearly everyone I talk to about communism does not know about the Khmer Rouge genocide.


I worked with some who grew up in Cambodia during those time. He had some stories about having to eat rats, eating soup where you only ended up with one grain of rice in your bowl, and drinking from water that had human skulls in it.


This is the perfect example of why people who advocate for a “revolution” or “second civil war” need to think very, very hard about what the possible consequences for that breakdown in order can be. There is always a very real chance that the most aggressive, low intelligence, low empathy, self-centred assholes are the ones that end up in power.