TIL that the Quran references Jesus’s mother Mary 70 times and holds her in very high regard, identifying her as the greatest of all women

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Jesus is even the second most quoted prophet in the Quran Edit. Multiple people have pointed out Moses is the most quoted.


I’d Hazzard to guess that most people don’t realize that the Big 3 monotheistic religions are all the same “God”, they just disagree on who the most recent Prophet was and thus who had the final authority. The Quran refrences both the New and Old Testaments, the New Testament refrences the Old….they’re all inexorably intertwined and that makes it both fascinating and frustrating that there is so much friction between them. E- this is way too many comments to reply to lol Thanks for the award 👍


There are 4 women considered “the best” in Islam. Maryam (Mary) is the best of them. The other 3 are: 1. Khadijah, the first wife of Muhammad, and the only one to whom he was married monogamously. She was also the first person to become Muslim. 2. Fatima, the youngest daughter of Muhammad & Khadijah and mother to his grandsons Hasan and Hussain. She was the only child of Muhammad who outlived him. 3. Aasiyah, the wife of the Pharoah who adopted and protected Musa (Moses) and was eventually killed by the Pharoah.


Story time. Iraq 2003. Doing patrol northern Iraq in middle of desert and see a sheep farmer boy. He waves us down and since we are bored we stop. He tells us to follow him and so out of curiosity we do. In the middle of nowhere he brings us to a small temple building. We go in and he explains to our interpreter that this is where Mary had supposedly stayed when she was fleeing.


What’s more surprising to me is that the 70 mentions in the The Quran (القرآن) is more than the The Bible. Depending on the translation, she is mentioned anywhere from 36 times (LITV) to 67 times (NLT). Mentioned directly by name, only 19 regardless of translation: twelve times in the Gospel of Luke, five times in the Gospel of Matthew, once in the Gospel of Mark, and once in the Book of Acts.