TIL the Adamites were a 2nd century Christian sect that sought to re-create the innocence of the Garden of Eden. To this end they called their church “Paradise”, practiced nudism, rejected marriage and claimed they could do whatever they wanted because they had no knowledge of good/evil.

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So they were basically antique hippies


Only rule: don’t eat the apples


Reminds me of learning about rural Cambodia before colonization. Apparently they just farmed for part of the year, produced enough food to live for the rest of the year, and lived. Eventually someone introduced farming techniques that allowed them to grow twice as much food. “Great!” We think with our tiny brains. “You can grow twice as much food” – so what did they do? They used it to spend half the usual amount of time farming. Because they were the smartest people who have ever lived.


Weren’t there some revivalists if this in Bohemia during the Hussite wars?


I too have played Crusader Kings 3.