TIL when a pedophile ring was uncovered in the Pitcairn Islands the islanders tried to declare independence from the UK as a legal defence, in perhaps the only example of a group seeking independence for the freedom to sexually abuse children

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2004! I was hoping for a century or two ago.


Some people might not know but Pitcairn island is where the mutineers from the mutiny on the Bounty ended up. The pedos are their direct descendants.


Its a fascinating story, 1/3 of the male population was charged with sexual abuse, including the mayor. One member of the Islands Council told British police “Look, the age of consent has always been twelve and it doesn’t hurt them.”


Fun fact: Pitcairn has its own TLD .pn. The Hunger Games movies bought some .pn domains in order to market movie using the .pn as a stand-in for the fictitious country of Panem. (Just checked, they’re no longer active.)


How about the mormons moving to Utah so they could keep marrying multiple teenagers? Seeking independence to abuse children has a rich history.