TIL while responding to a fire in Brooklyn, a firefighter was hit in the head by an air conditioner that fell from a two story window. He was knocked unconscious, but was saved by his helmet which was split in half by the AC unit.

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Helmets work. They save lives. Always wear a helmet.


My dad was a bricklayer, and he came home from work one day and showed me his hardhat, and it was broken completely in two. He said a laborer dropped a scaffolding plank off the scaffolding. Thirty years later, he still has the pieces of the hardhat.


If only Chidi Anagonye had worn a firefighter helmet


Can only imagine how much worse it could’ve been had the AC only been a floor or two higher, let alone the top floor.


I had a cycle helmet crack in half in a crash when I was a kid, which is sort of the same except I was being stupid and he was being a hero. Helmets work.