Today I learned that when you eat pineapple and your tongue begins to hurt it is due to the fact that the pineapple is eating you back thanks to bromelain.

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That is why pineapple is used in cooking meat dishes


So long as you’re not actually super sensitive your tongue should be fine, and it regenerates cells quickly anyway. But if you eat a lot of pineapple, like snack your way through a whole one on your own, and you are not really careful about not getting any on the outside of your lips, then by the time you’re done you may find your lips might be in a dry/horrible/sore state for a few days even if you wipe down with water. Yes, this was a new experience I don’t want to repeat hahah.


Not sure if its the same chemial but you cant use fresh pineapple in jello. It wont set.


Now it makes sense. I made a Christmas ham with a real pineapple sliced up. Some of it turned out well, but some of it practically emulsified. Crazy.


If this is a problem for you because you eat that much pineapple, the simple solution is to eat canned pineapple. Cooking destroys bromelain. Even the heat of your body does, its just not quick enough to prevent it from denaturing your tongue a little bit. This is also super useful for tenderizing meat, just don’t leave it too long, as your meat well eventually turn to pink slime.