Trump Has Reportedly Been Telling People He’s Going to Be President Again by August, Which Would Suggest He’s Planning a Coup (Or Has Fully Descended Into Madness)

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I just have a sneaking suspicion that Trump is truly curious as to how many people would be willing to die for him.


He’s trying to hose down supporters for political contributions. In a few months he’ll announce, no he meant August *2022*.


The 1/6 investigation NEEDS to move forward. Two key answers need to be resolved; firstly, why was the National Guard not called in sooner and what was Trump’s knowledge or involvement in that. This is major, because in The Presidential oath of office they are sworn to protect the country and turning his back on an invasion of the Capital is a high crime. Secondly, was Trump in communication with any of the Militia groups that organized the insurrection? To what degree did he know before hand and how much was he involved in and in contact with militia leaders that tried to overthrow the government?? If there is plans for a future coup attempt and Trump has knowledge of it, it should be added to the other mountain of charges he will be facing and not only should he not be allowed to run for a second term but he should also be charged immediately.


Yep, we’ve reached full on delusion.. I think losing to Biden mentally broke him and with the fact that he lost and New York closing in on him, I think the nervous breakdown hypothesis may have some weight


Grifters gotta grift. They have to keep the con going. Con-men are not stupid; they can gauge the ability for someone to be conned very quickly, and Trump understands that the entire GOP base is ripe for the pickings.