‘Unbelievable:’ Children, 12 and 14, use AK-47, other guns in shooting rampage on Volusia deputies

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An insulin dependent 12 year old escaping from a Methodist children’s home to fire an AK-47 at police has to be a peak American scenario.


I’m sure most people don’t have the capacity to understand what it means to “live to die”. To have not just zero, but negative support, negative care, and negative attention as a child everywhere you go. Having no one to turn to, no where to run to. Being so beaten down, and told from everyone from the beginning that, essentially, you aren’t going to amount to anything. To not only believe that your life will amount to nothing, but to understand that as fact and fate. Seeing others in “better” situations, thinking to yourself “why am I not worth it?”, then coming to the self-realization that you just simply aren’t worth anything but hate, pain, and misery. So what are you to do, being worthless in an unloving and uncaring world? You say fuck it. Who am I to matter? And go out with a bang. To inflict more effect than you ever would in a positive sense. To show this life, it was beyond not worth it. Bad kids are not born, they’re made. So, let’s just try them as adults, lock them up for life and forget this happened, move on with our lives and do nothing. I’m glad no one died, but this is just another thing that’s wrong with our social climate. EDIT: To my situational brothers and sisters, I love you guys.


Any place that houses kids needs to be looked at over and over again. You can’t trust some of these people to be around kids when they get alone with them they’re just crazy.


Other people have already addressed the group home situation and everything else, so my first thought is…who the fuck just leaves a loaded AK laying around the house? I’m genuine Missouri white trash and grew up around guns. My grandfather ran a small ammo shop out of their basement at one point. My uncle won’t go to midnight mass on Christmas without at least two on him. It was a Thanksgiving tradition to take the kids out back, as young as 9, and have us shoot the 12 gauge and .22 at empty beer cans. None of these guns were ever kept loaded and anything more powerful than a .22 was kept in a gun safe at all times. No idea why my ammosexual poor hick family from the Ozarks could manage to safely store their firearms, but these rich folks in Florida can’t cough up the cash to buy a gun safe.


Religious care homes , what could possible go wrong.