West Virginia’s COVID-19 vaccine incentives include guns, trucks and cash

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Have they tried giving away meth yet? Thats prolly what they’re holding out for.


Dude, whatever it takes. I’m the sucker who got vaccinated for free! Would have been a lot cooler if I got a chance to win a truck, too….


>Acknowledging that some might question the practice of essentially bribing people to get immunized against a deadly virus, the governor indicated that logic dictates he do whatever works.  >”If you step back and think, now why in the world would you have to give away something to get somebody vaccinated. Unfortunately it’s the way of the world in a lot of situations,” Justice reflected. “The faster we get them across the finish line, the more lives we save.” Asked how he knew this would work he’s qouted as saying “That’s how we get things done in politics, you pay me enough money and I do what you want.”


I guess my prize is not dying from a now preventable illness but a million dollars should would help in life.