What’s something from the 90s you miss?

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Being able to act goofy without having anyone record it and share with the world.


Arcades. Big, noisy arcades, full of actual videogames, whose graphics were 20 times better than what you could get at home.


Walking 20minutes to a mates house knocking his door then finding out he’s not in. It was like rolling the dice. Edit – in response to the comments about “just use the landline”. Various issues to this – a lot of people didn’t answer their phones anyway, some people left them off the hook sometime as they didn’t want to be bothered. Some friends wouldn’t hear the phone if they were in their room listening to music/playing SNES/Megadrive, some people had sisters who were always on the phone so calling just got engaged tone. That’s just the issues I can think of right now. Edit 2 – thanks for awards, especially GOLD! So nice to be browsing without those annoying ad posts.


Pre-911 airports


Sometimes I miss the internet from the 90s. It was less stressful if that makes sense.