What’s the most psycho case of playing victim you’ve ever seen?

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This 38 year old hockey mom and I (f 40 at the time) were friends suddenly, during my divorce from my husband. We were united in domestic abuse stories. I was done divorcing and she was starting the process. So pretty close friends, talking about intimate things normal people tend to hide. I heard all about her husband’s abuse and I honestly hated the guy. Suddenly, our other mutual friend was discovered sleeping with my ex husband. Problem was, she started sleeping with him before I left the marriage and moved out. Long story short, the only reason I had a sudden friend was because she was in cahoots with the adulteress and she was gaining intel on my plans. Honestly, about the worst thing for an abused woman is for someone else to tell him of the secret planning involved in escape. She honestly put my life in danger. I ended that friendship immediately. Several years down the road, my new boyfriend befriended that woman’s ex husband at the gym where I worked. He lived about 10 houses down from my boyfriend. Inevitably, I came into contact with the ex, a lot. We became friends. I heard his side of the story. Stories that matched up to nothing like she said. He had proof that all she was doing was manipulating me by playing victim so that I would open up to her. It worked. Later, she was guilty of stalking him, stalking others, putting sugar in his gas tank, the whole nine yards. She wasn’t a victim. She was a perp.


My cat when he yowls at me to let him out of the closet. You closed that door on yourself, Tom, I’m blameless.


Probably my highschool sweetheart ex when she thought I was selfish for not wanting to get back with her after she cheated and left me for an older man with two kids a couple months after we finished school, who justified it because I carpooled with a mutual female friend to a work meeting, after the fling she had didn’t work out.


One time my step mom was yelling at me and at that point I was no longer living with her or my dad so I kinda just laughed and turned around to walk away. As I turned around my shoulder nudged her and I kid you not this woman screams “He’s hitting me!He hit me!” I was 16 at the time but was an athlete that left home to play hockey at a boarding school so I didn’t look like a 16 year old. Now this is at a big family reunion so everyone sees it and everyone even the kids start laughing at her. She had a reputation as crazy beforehand but it was amusing to see other people ridicule her.


A girl on Twitter talking about how hard cheating is for the cheater (yes, the cheater. not the person cheated on) because “It hurts to cheat on someone you love” So basically SHE cheated and then played the victim. Dumb bitch honestly.