When people say “don’t eat until you’re completely full”, what do they mean?

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“don’t eat until you’re full” isn’t for people struggling to maintain or gain weight. It’s for those of us that struggle with weight, were told not to get up from the table until we cleaned our plate (there are starving children in Africa!!), and if you go to a buffet, you have to get your money’s worth. For people who grew up with that food relationship, they are supposed to retrain their brain / stomach to healthier patterns by eating until they are 3/4 full. I’m trying to transition to a more whole foods plant based diet and it’s a different experience than eating a traditional American diet. Plants definitely take up more room in the stomach and take longer to eat. The overall effect is that by taking longer to eat, I feel full sooner and it’s not that nasty “I just ate half of the buffet” kind of full.


My parents always explained it as your brain taking time to catch up. So you’re eating, and you’re full, but your brain is slow and doesn’t recognize that. By the time your brain recognizes that you’re full, you’ve already eaten too much. I have no idea how accurate this is, I just weigh my food lol.


I feel like you have that moment where you’re like “alright I could stop here” and get up and not feel full still feel like can do couple jumping jacks and not feel like “damn I feel fucking full and need a nap.”


you can eat food quicker than your body can trigger the reaction to your brain to say you’re no longer hungry. I may be ravenously hungry and stop at McDonalds. A cheeseburger is all I need to kill the hunger and get to me dinner. But my body is telling me I want a Big Mac, large fries and a milkshake. I can eat that in a sitting and my body doesn’t react fast enough to tell me after half a big mac that I’m not starving anymore, so I eat the rest of the 1200 calorie meal when I could probably have gotten away with 300. The goal of eating isn’t to eat to full capacity every single time. You shouldn’t feel stuffed every time you eat. We get lulled into this in our youth when we are more active and have higher metabolism. Then things start to change once you hit your 20’s and 30’s.


Eat until satisfied, not stuffed.