National Review writer ‘can attest’ to Trump pressing conservatives to say election was ‘stolen’

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No fucking shit. I don’t need some writer from the National Review to tell me Trump pressured GOP leaders to commit sedition and for journalists to write false news. IT WAS COMPLETELY OUT IN THE OPEN.


There is a simple explanation for Trump’s persistency surrounding his obsessive and conspiratorial “the election was rigged” narrative. It’s infuriating that Trump’s supporters and conservatives can’t seem to fundamentally understand what he is;


Donald Trump doesn’t like when this story is told.

According to Mary Trump, this is a legendary Trump family story that she says shows where the president got his taste for humiliating others. It happened when Donald was **seven** (this is an important figure to keep in mind), and was fighting with his brother Robert. He refused to listen to his mother’s orders for him to stop. Desperate to bring the fighting to an end, 14-year-old Freddy, who is Mary’s father, took matters into his own hands and dumped a bowl of mashed potatoes on Donald’s head. Everyone in the room, except Donald, burst into laughter.

*”It was the first time Donald had been humiliated by someone he even then believed to be beneath him. He hadn’t understood that humiliation was a weapon that could be wielded by only one person in a fight,”* Mary Trump wrote.

*”From then on, he would never allow himself to feel that feeling again. From them on, he would wield the weapon, never be at the sharp end of it.”* He never forgot the incident, Mary said.

He would also become a complete asshole towards his brother for his entire life from then on.

When his older sister Maryanne brought it up at a gathering at the White House in 2017, the president *”listened with his arms tightly crossed and a scowl on his face,”* Mary Trump wrote.

*”He clearly still felt the sting of that long-ago humiliation,”*

There’s one quote that I specifically remember as we dive into Trump’s past. It was one that Trump, in a moment of self reflection, which is seemingly extremely rare explained to a biographer who was interviewing him at the time.

The frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, Trump, admitted to his biographer that, *”When I look at myself in the first grade and I look at myself now, I’m basically the same. The temperament is not that different.”* Ironically enough, first graders are usually around **seven years old…**

Truer words have never been spoken by this man. I don’t know what prompted him to say it, but every once in a while Trump is honest, and it’s usually in the form of some bizarre reflection or confession. Like when he exclaimed that he could shoot somebody on fifth avenue and his voters would still support him

The same reporter who nabbed that gem of a quote also was able to get some insight into little Donny boy from his ex wives.

*”The little boy that still wants attention,”* explained Marla Maples, Trump’s second wife. She wasn’t the only one who thought so.

*”He wants to be noticed,”* said Ivana Trump, wife No. 1, who recalled sending Trump into a fit of rage by skiing past him on a hill in Aspen, Colorado. Mr. Trump stopped, took off his skis and walked off the trail

*”He could not take it, that I could do something better than he did,”* she recalled

Now this right here tells you everything you need to know. Trump is a child, who under no circumstances can accept or deal with humiliation, failure, anything that might chip away at his ego. He is an undeniable narcissist who seeks constant admiration as a way to validate his existence. Life is a zero sum game and no matter the circumstances, Trump is ALWAYS the winner, even if he has lost (sound familiar?), his ego cannot handle any other narrative, so he has to tell himself, his weak, fragile, insecure self that he’s won, he’s always “the best”, that this or that “is rigged”, that it’s everyone else’s fault, that it’s a “witch hunt”, “fake news”. It’s why he’ll never pass up an opportunity to smear or insult somebody, he creates his own story and his own reality where he is safe from humiliation, shame, embarrassment, failure… Mashed potatoes.

It’s why the Emmys were “rigged” when the apprentice didn’t win an award, it’s why the banks and lenders were “rigged” against him when he accrued so much debt as an awful businessman that he claimed a homeless man was worth more than he was at the time. It’s why when Ted Cruz beat him in the primaries, they were also “rigged”, it’s why when he bankrupted several casinos, it was everyone elses fault, it’s why even when he won the election in 2016, the popular vote was still “rigged” against him, and it’s why, in consistent fashion, the 2020 election was stolen from him. To him, he really is still president, because he absolutely cannot accept it any other way. Losing the presidency is, To Trump, equivalent to being his seven year old self with a bowl of mashed potatoes dumped on his head.


Just keep repeating the lie, that’s conservative journalism in a nutshell.


His fragile little ego will never accept that he was beaten. He made up his own version of reality where he was really the winningest winner to ever win, and then surrounded himself with suck-ups that repeat his lies back to him.

It’s pathetic.


A number of sources have confirmed that Trump is “trying hard to recruit journalists, politicians, and other influential figures to promulgate this belief,” senior writer C.W. Cooke wrote in a Thursday piece titled “Maggie Haberman Is Right.”

Excerpt from the article in question:

> The scale of Trump’s delusion is quite startling. This is not merely an eccentric interpretation of the facts or an interesting foible, nor is it an irrelevant example of anguished post-presidency chatter. It is a rejection of reality, a rejection of law, and, ultimately, a rejection of the entire system of American government. There is no Reinstatement Clause within the United States Constitution. Hell, there is nothing even approximating a Reinstatement Clause within the United States Constitution. The election has been certified, Joe Biden is the president, and, until 2024, that is all there is to it. It does not matter what one’s view of Trump is. It does not matter whether one voted for or against Trump. It does not matter whether one views Trump’s role within the Republican Party favorably or unfavorably. We are talking here about cold, hard, neutral facts that obtain irrespective of one’s preferences; it is not too much to ask that the former head of the executive branch should understand them.

> Just how far out there is Trump’s theory? Consider that, even if it were true that the 2020 election had been stolen — which it is absolutely not — his belief would still be absurd. It could be confirmed tomorrow that agents working for a combination of al-Qaeda, Venezuela, and George Soros had hacked into every single voting machine in the country and altered the totals by tens of millions, and it would remain the case there is no mechanism within the American legal order for a do-over of any sort. In such an eventuality, there would be indictments, an impeachment drive, and a constitutional crisis. But, however bad it got, Donald Trump would not be “reinstated” to the presidency. That is not how America works, how America has ever worked, or how America can ever work. American politicians do not lose their reelection races only to be reinstalled later on, as might the second-place horse in a race whose winner was disqualified. The idea is otherworldly and obscene.

> There is nothing to be gained for conservatism by pretending otherwise. To acknowledge that Trump is living in a fantasy world does not wipe out his achievements or render anything else he has said incorrect. It does not endorse Joe Biden or hand the Republican Party over to Bill Kristol or knock down an inch of the wall on the border. It merely demands that Donald Trump be treated like any other person: subject to gravity, open to rebuttal, and liable to be laughed at when he becomes so unmoored from the real world that it is hard to know where to begin in attempting to explain him.


TIL that the body of Alexander the Great has been lost over time. It was well-known to be in Alexandria, Egypt for centuries, and was even worshipped for a while, but its exact location has apparently been forgotten.

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“A tomb now suffices him for whom the world was not enough.”


It’s wild to me how humanity forgets stuff like this. He’s a pretty important figure in human history. You’d think it would be a little harder to lose track of something like that 🤷‍♂️


the coastline of Alexandria has changed, his tomb is in the water now.


There is a theory that his body was mistaken for Saint Mark’s and taken to Venice.


Have they checked behind the sofa?


ELI5: How do water softener systems work? Are they magic? Adding salt gets rid of other minerals. . . HOW? I’ve never understood this. I’m 54, male.

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They use a principle called ion exchange. They have big filter cartridges filled with plastic beads. However, the beads are made from a special type of plastic, which has negative charges on its surface. Positively charged ions – such as sodium, calcium, magnesium and so on, are attracted to the negative charges on the beads and get stuck.

Calcium and magnesium, which cause water “hardness” are more strongly positively charged than sodium, so if there is a choice, the calcium and magnesium will stick to the beads in preference to the sodium, and will push the sodium off into the water.

The first step in the process is to load the beads with sodium. This is done by taking a concentrated salt solution, and running it through the cartridge. There is so much sodium in the brine, that it pushes any calcium or magnesium off the beads. After about a 30 minute soaking time, the waste brine then goes down the drain, carrying the calcium/magnesium with it.

The cartridge then gets rinsed out with fresh water, and then gets switched in line with the water supply. As water flows past the beads, the calcium/magnesium in the water preferentially stick to the beads, and the sodium is released.

At some point, all the sodium on the beads is depleted and the beads are saturated with calcium/magnesium, and the system needs to be regenerated again – so the system mixes up a salt solution and sends it through the beads, and the process repeats. Most water softeners have a water meter or timer, which triggers regeneration – the trigger needs to be adjusted for how much calcium is in the water (and in the case of a timer system, how much water is used on a daily basis).


Here’s how I would explain to an actual 5 year old:

The beads in the softener have millions of little hands. They hold onto regular old salt until something they like better goes by (like hardness or certain other things). When they’re full of things they like and you want them to let go (regenerate), you put a lot of salt in there and they let go of the things they had grabbed onto because they want to touch all the salt going by. When the the salt is starting to run out at the end of the rinse, there’s nothing left but salt to grab onto. So they hold onto it until something better comes by. Rinse and repeat (literally).


How is your sex relevant to this?


There is another sort of water softening system. This uses polyphosphate salts and was common in laundry and dishwashing products. The polyphosphates bind to the magnesium and calcium ions in hard water, preventing them from reacting with soap to form scum, or precipitating out to form scale. The polyphosphates are in the product, and dont need extra equipment such as columns or filters.


Salt is actually two types of atoms bound together, and they have a loose bond – once salt gets into water, it dissolves. This means the atoms float around by themselves. However, some other molecules can form from the leftovers, molecules which do not have a loose bond. These include the other minerals, which bind with parts of the dissolved salt, and drop to the bottom as solid materials, which are easily filtered out.

Now, a water softener uses some other smart tricks to remove the salt, but this is the basic version – salt dissolves, other materials form from the leftovers. We can use the same principle to clean water of lots of other unwanted things, and I recall a science project we had in high school where we went to a sewage plant and collected some, well, sewage water, and had to clean it using, basically, filtering and this method. My group’s water ended up crystal clear – but quite toxic, as we hadn’t figured out how to get the pH value down to normal levels.


LPT: Remove all dealer decals from the back of your car. Its your vehicle now and they are using you for free advertising.

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Had a friend that needed a new trunk lid for a car(decades ago). Got the dealership to order one. They put their logo on it. He refused to pay for it. They took it off but it left holes, so he still refused. They were pissed. He was pissed. Everyone was pissed.


My dealership gives free car washes if you leave their license plate frame on there. It’s a nice trade-off.


But they said I’m now part of the family at Friendly’s Automotive 😢.


Can anyone post a real LPT about how to remove them as they aren’t easy to


Google follows Apple’s lead and makes it harder for advertisers to track users on Android

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Bit of a conflict of interest for Google considering they are an advertising company


Of course, *Google* will still track it’s users. This is about making their own data more valuable.


I haven’t read the article yet, but I won’t believe one bit that’s true.

Maybe they mean they’ll make it harder for their competitors.


Why let 3rd parties track users for free when they could be paying Google for it…


Google was like: nice, finally we get to completely choke our competitors, and we’ll call it “enhanced privacy”, and if anyone asks, we’re just following the market’s standard (“just look at apple”).

Smart move, Google. We still aint buying your sh1t.


This is what happens when you defund education for generations upon generations.

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Nobody makes me plead my own blood


What kind of fundagelicals say “plead the blood of Jesus”?


Wtf does that even mean? He was going to “plead the blood of Jesus over it”? Wtf does that even mean?


Maybe humans don’t deserve to escape this planet

Maybe we should stay so dumb we can’t avoid our own extinction


By design. A stupid populace is easy to manipulate.


Millennials Are Running Out of Time to Build Wealth – The oldest members of the generation turn 40 this year. They’re only 80% as wealthy as their parents were at this age.

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Only 14% of 40-year-old millennials own stocks? That is….surprisingly low.

Hi friends, quick edit here to hit a couple points:
– 401ks count as owning stocks. Everyone whose company offers a 401k who has one red cent left after paying rent should be contributing *something*. I understand this is not plausible for everyone, but throwing $25 a month at your 401k will be more important than upgrading from an iPhone 7 to an identical iPhone 10. This is basic financial literacy.
– Cryptocurrencies are *currencies*, not stocks.
– Please stop trying to convince me that millennials have “figured out” Wall Street and know better. This is specifically about 40-year-old millennials, your conspiracy theories are annoying, and retail investing is at an all-time high.


I mean we will have a stratification in the millennials, those whose parents leave them something like a house or even an inheritance and those whose parents didn’t. Might be worse for zoomers or siblings of millennials only so many houses to go around.


I am in this age group and I was shocked to learn how far up the ladder my wife and I are on the wealth/income ladder (from the NYT). I think this is important: yuppies might feel like we’re “normal” but we don’t realize that we’re actually closer to the top percentiles than we would have thought. It’s not a good thing; it’s a sad thing.


Well my folks bought their first home 4br .5 acre for 35k in the 70’s. Sold it for 125 in 80’s bought a home for 180 then that’s worth 400k now. They used their wedding money to downplay for the first house. If I was able to buy a house I could live in for 3x my salary I’d be as wealthy as they were/are


Wow and only 52% still live at home with their parents. Never mind that was 2019 it’s now 70% living at home in 2021.

All truthfulness I’m kinda surprised its 80% as wealthy seems a bit high looking at every person on reddit well poverty finance and other subs.


Hobart Uber driver dies two days after being shot in the head, aunt says

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Carjacking is really some lowlife shit


robbery-turned-shooting, Like how much cash do you think an uber driver had? Most tips are electronic. So this man died for less than $50.00.


This is so very heartbreaking. Those thieves stole the father of those children. They deserve prison for the rest of their lives.


Sigh. It’s a damn dangerous profession driving strangers around.


This happened in my town (Chicago), and I want to provide some context.
Cicero, the neighborhood where the victim was murdered, is bad. Real bad. Cab drivers in Chicago don’t go to Cicero. If you hop in a cab, and shout out an address like the one that this man was killed at, the cab driver will say “fuck off” and force you out of the cab.
This is all kind of tribal knowledge in Chicago. The victim was from Indiana, and drove up to do rides for extra money. My best guess is that he wasn’t aware of what Cicero is, given he did not live here.
I’m also guessing that the Uber app didn’t have a warning pop up saying “WARNING: Bad neighborhood. GTFO.”
Please don’t confuse this as victim blaming. It isn’t. The victim is blameless in his death, it’s fully on the murderous scumbags. But I want to warn people: if you are going to do ride share things in a big city, please please know the area you’re working in. It can be the difference between life and death. Makes me sad to say it, but that’s the truth of the situation right now, at least in Chi.


At least 17 police officers remain out of work with injuries from the Capitol attack

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Now I’m wondering how many injured police officers I’ve unwittingly left in my wake of tourism.


Of the 150 total police casualties, I remember seeing a few reports of cops with broken backs and others missing some fingers.

Just a bunch of tourists indeed. /s


And the shitbags who attacked them are driving around with “thin blue line” stickers on their diesel trucks.


Republicans can pretend this didn’t happen all they want. The truth is many of these idiots were waiting for “the storm” basically a coup by military personnel and or the police where all the evil doers in the qanon conspiracies get arrested or executed.

That’s why they went there and trolled around like they were going to kill people. Because it’s all part of their demented fantasy. If enough people in authority get indoctrinated to the cult it could be a real problem. Right now these fucking idiots are trying to will trump back into office in august and republican law makers are rolling out voter suppression bills.


“Back the Blue” types literally beating the shit out of cops with American Flags and such, and then saying “Wasn’t us, it was Antifa!” and also “It was just a regular tourist trip.”

If you wrote this shit in a novel people would say your storyline was too stupid to be realistic.


A new study published on Thursday found that North Atlantic right whales have shrunk by an average of three feet over the past 20 years. The study published in the peer-reviewed science journal Current Biology said the shrinking of the marine giants is due to human activity

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Whale populations of right whales are climbing pretty fast so the average age might be declining leading to smaller averages


On an unrelated side note: is this a verified example of visible evolution in action?


Maybe they need calcium and more ergonomic chairs?


Bet they didn’t shrink… bet they just didn’t grow as much.


“I was in the ocean! I was in the ocean!”

Significant shrinkage.