15 fraternity members charged in Washington State University student’s 2019 death

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>The men are charged with supplying liquor to one or more pledges at the fraternity event that was part of an initiation process, Prosecuting Attorney Denis P. Tracy said. Furnishing liquor to minors is a gross misdemeanor in Washington state punishable by up to one year in jail and a $5,000 fine. Socially speaking the fraternity and participating members are probably screwed as well


>“Universities and the national fraternity corporations that promote and profit from fraternities must finally be held to account for failing the young men in their care and the families who entrust their sons to them,” the family said. Their loss is incredible, but your son was an adult and is responsible for himself. Universities are not daycare facilities.


Hey my college! Oh my… not good.


I pledged a fraternity in 1988 and things were different then. Hazing was alive and well and not hidden from the school AT ALL (walking naked across campus holding our balls in our hands while doused with culinary condiments and flour all over our face and hair)… it was considered “boys will be boys”. And yes, the last thing we did as pledges was drink so far to excess that we had to throw up. I didn’t drink so they made me drink three bottles of bbq sauce. yeah. Different times.


Everytime I see these articles I immediately think of the movie The Skulls.