3 guys bet on who can make their wife scream more from sex

They make the bet and decide to all go home and have sex with their wives and compare results the next day. Next day comes along and they meet to discuss. Guy #1 says “I fucked my wife so hard, she was screaming for like 20 minutes.” Guy #2 says “that’s nothing. I fucked my wife with a dildo in her ass at the same time and she was screaming for an hour!” Guy #3 says “amateurs! I fucked my wife for 15 seconds, came on the curtains, and she’s still screaming at me!”

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My wife screams so much during sex I can hear her from two blocks away … so can all the neighbors.


The third wife was so angry, she tried to cut off her husband’s penis. Thankfully she missed. She was charged with a misdaweiner.


#3 is the most realistic thing I’ve read in a long time.


This is hilarious


Is this a “Do the curtains match the drapes thing?”