A 20-Foot Sea Wall? Miami Faces the Hard Choices of Climate Change. – A proposal to construct barriers for storm surge protection has forced South Floridians to reckon with the many environmental challenges they face.

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Huh, are Floridian government officials still not allowed to say global warming or climate change? If so, how do they discuss why this is necessary.


Build the wall and make the Atlantic Ocean pay for it!


Some of the effects that the article mentions are already occurring. It’s been proven that there is already an incursion of salt water into the Biscayne aquifer, which supplies the drinking water, not to mention thousands of aging septic tanks that are leaking human waste into the aquifer as well. A sea wall doesn’t matter if there’s no water to drink. Further, there doesn’t need to be a hurricane for flooding to occur. Like the article mentions, even a prolonged rain shower floods many streets in the metro area. Last summer there was a devastating fish kill in Biscayne Bay due to low oxygen in the water (fish and other sea life literally suffocated). “You need to have a conversation about, culturally, what are our priorities?” In Miami, it’s all about protecting property values, period. This is Trump country, and I promise you that there is little care given to the environmental aspect. Anyone who visits Miami beaches, parks, etc. can observe the massive amounts of trash left by people, because they simply do not care. South Floridians are not reckoning with anything. I will, however, give some credit to the state government as there have been several environmental bills passed in recent years (ironically), primarily aimed at protecting the Everglades, which is a very good thing.


I’ve read that the ground there is so porous it will be hard to keep water from just going under the walls


“..Climate Change is not real!..” “..Then why do we now need a 20ft sea wall..” “…Florida is sinking????..” – Next Insanity to come