A 7-year-old boy in New York was charged with rape. How should the justice system deals with young offenders?

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at 7 years old, he is most likely a victim of sexual abuse. yes, kids that young have some slight understanding of sex, but they shouldn’t know enough to actually have penetrative sex. if he does, it’s because he was involved in some way with someone else or he was exposed to sex. either way, that is abusive behavior for someone that young. he needs help, not jail.


Bruh when I was 7 I didn’t even know vaginas existed, and I thought sex was just when you make out intensely


Considering a 7 year old is not old enough to give, or even understand what consent is, I think that the child should just be put into therapy and sessions teaching the child why that’s wrong.


No jail, but he needs to be sent to a psychological facility


I’d suggest you tag this as serious