A giant solar sailboat is set to sweep up plastic from polluted oceans

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Sometimes I’m frustrated by how much we bend over backwards to maintain the status quo of consumption. Gov’t’s could simply ban single use plastics and much of this problem would disappear. No need for headline-grabbing projects with dubious efficacy, just good ol common sense governance. Isn’t the planetary crisis just one of governance, and not technology?


Where does that plastic go once collected? I couldn’t find any information about what they do with it once they collect it. If dumping it into landfills is the final solution won’t that just eventually just sit in landfills for generations instead of the oceans?


Then, once they’ve collected it all they’ll throw it into the trash, which will be sent to china, which will be thrown back into the sea.


Didn’t I read an article recently about how all the ocean garbage isn’t where they thought it was? Like there was a big “garbage patch clean up” effort and it was much less successful than they had anticipated because a bunch of the trash doesn’t float. Like they got out there with their nets expecting tons of trash and found barely any cuz most of it had sunk…


They’re not even planning to start building the first boat until next year, once that slips, then production is delayed, the project will silently close down and all the investor money will disappear. I’d love to be proven wrong, but these things never happen.