A jew visits a brothel

He talks to the guy at reception: – Hello, I want to see Samantha. – One moment sir. A beautiful young woman comes downstairs. -Have you asked for me? – Yes, I want to spend the night with you. – Alright but my service is a bit expensive. $1000 for a night. – Doesn’t matter, I want to spend the night with you. They go upstairs and spend the night together. Next day, the man comes to the brothel again. He says: – I want to see Samantha. – Sir, we do have other prostitutes as well. – I don’t care, I want to see Samantha. They call Samantha and she comes downstairs. Seeing the man, Samantha asks: – You again? If you remember it, I have a high service cost of $1000 a night. – I don’t care about the money, I want to be with you. They be together for that night as well. The very next day, the man comes to the brothel even once more. He asks for Samantha, unsurprisingly. Samantha sees him downstairs: – Oh my god, you again? I am not making a discount for regulars, do you know that? – Oh yes, doesn’t matter. Want to spend the night with you. After they’re done, Samantha asks: – It’s cool that you like me this much but I can’t understand why. You paid a grand to fuck me for 3 consecutive days. Where are you from? – Tel Aviv – Tel Aviv, that’s cool, my sister lives there as well. – I know, she handed me $3000 to bring to you. Edit: Chill the frick down guys, I am not an anti-Semitist nor I am trying to promote anti-Semitism. You can put different names and places and it will still be a joke. I just translated (not so successfully) and posted it like the way I’ve heard it years ago. My formatting was like a pp presentation, it is true. Some dig it some not, I don’t care but I ask you to calm down and not start political/religious arguments over a joke. Edit 2: Ok guys you beat me, I confess that I am reincarnated h*tler, my aim is to spread Jewish hatred and also I serve Satan.

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First time I’ve seen a joke presented as a Powerpoint presentation.


What kind of prostitute argues that you shouldn’t use her services


Not sure why the guy has to be a Jew but I’m into the joke.


In Great Britain they use Scotsmen for cheap or stingy jokes.


A better version of this joke is “two men are at a bank when a bunch of robbers lock everyone in and demands everyone’s money. As the robbers are making their way up the line, one guy turns to his buddy and says ‘oh by the way, here’s the $100 I owe you.'”