A married couple leaves a formal event

He’s in a tuxedo, she’s in a gown. He’s been drinking. He starts the car but doesn’t put on his seat belt. “Please, darling,” the wife says, “you’ve been drinking. Put on your seat belt.” “Not when I’m wearing a tuxedo,” he says. They drive to an intersection. Across from them is a police car. “He’s going to see you’re not wearing your seat belt,” she says. “Nonsense,” he says. The light turn green and the cop pulls them over. The husband hurriedly fastens on his seat belt. ‘Sir, were you wearing that seat belt a moment ago?” asks the cop. “Of course I was.” “Ma’am,” the cop says, “do you recall if he was wearing his seatbelt?” “Oh, I couldn’t say,” the wife replies. “It’s best not to argue with him when he’s been drinking.”

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I breathed out my mouth harder at this one.Have an upvote


Did I miss the part where the wife was blonde?


Is this supposed to be funny?