About 21% of adults in the U.S. with mild to moderately raised blood pressure and 28-37% of those with mild to moderate elevated cholesterol levels may be best served by a prescription for lifestyle-only treatment, which includes increasing physical activity.

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Next thing you know they’re going to prescribe being motivated


Yep and majority who go to the dr and hear that make no changes and demand statins in their next appt


I was able to get my cholesterol under control(ish) with exercise (run 25 miles/week) and a decent diet. However, it became very clear over the past 5 years that I would not be able to get my blood pressure into a normal range (family history) without meds, which I started last month. Started a low dose with no side effects, BP is “ideal” now, and that mental weight is finally gone.


I’ll just work this in to all the time I don’t have.


Honestly, I’m surprised it’s that low.