After Biden Says We Must ‘Act Swiftly’ on Voting Rights, Progressives Respond: ‘Abolish the Filibuster’

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“It’s simple,” said Rep. Barbara Lee. “It’s either uphold the filibuster or uphold our democracy.”


The filibuster has and will stop any meaningful legislation under a Democratic President. Full stop, it gives *any single member* of the GOP the power to completely stop a piece of legislation, and finding a Democratic priority that isn’t opposed by *any* Republican is impossible. January 6th commission? Filibuster. Voting rights? Filibuster. Infrastructure? Filibuster. We will make *absolutely no progress* if we allow the filibuster to continue as it is. Since Joe “the rights of fascists are more important than the rights of voters” Manchin has decided that the filibuster is an integral part of our democracy, the only answer is to change the rules to make the filibuster more painful. Require 40 votes to prevent a vote. Require a member to be speaking, on topic, for the duration. If either of these conditions is not met, for even a moment, the filibuster ends. This is not a huge change; it just returns the filibuster to something like its more traditional form. But it also prevents Rand Paul from scuttling legislation with a single email. This *must* happen, and the voting rights bill *must* pass, or America will slip even further into minoritarian rule.


If you don’t do it, then Republicans will the next chance they get all 3 levers of government again. They’ll do it, then royally cram those levers so far up our anuses we’ll have to go to Canada for the medical procedure to remove them.


A good compromise would be something like this: * Require a filibuster to be an actual filibuster, where someone is required to stay on the floor speaking * Rather than require 60 votes to end a filibuster, require 41 votes to sustain a filibuster. (I think this was proposed by Al Franken, so is not a new idea.)


Joe Biden needs to play LBJ style hardball politics to get the regressive members like Manchin and Sinema to tow the party line or miss out on federal funds to their home states. Let’s see if these 2 jerk wads can’t bring home the bacon, how happy their constituents are going to be with their senators.