Amazon’s newest euphemism for overworked employees is ‘industrial athlete’

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As long as the government not only let them do it, but give them tax exemptions, and the consumers keep buying, they don’t care about the media backlash


It’s a term I started hearing in the electrical industry back in 2005. Just like professional athletes, your body will be used up and worn out by the time you reach your 40s.


That’s just slavery with more steps!


> It also suggests all sorts of ways to help workers prepare for the athlete life, including changes to their diets and sleep schedules and making sure they’re not dehydrated throughout the day by keeping an eye on the color of their urine. That’s an interesting way to describe eating nothing but ramen because they’re so underpaid and having to pee in a jar because they don’t have time to get to the bathroom.


FedEx used this term when I was hired in 2009. Not a new term. Though for FedEx it felt more like a warning since they used the term and warned new hires the work would be demanding. It was, though granted not on the level Amazon seems to push for.