Amazon’s Ring to require police to publicly request user videos

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Amazon should mandate a warrant, as is proper to collect evidence from an individual like Amazon.


If they encrypted the video and made it clear that the user owns their videos, wouldn’t the police have to go to the user?


Man the internet of things is looking worse and worse by the day. Without real consumer protections, we’re about to be targeted and tracked in ways people could only dream of before.


As someone familiar with how this works, I’ve never seen it not go down like: Detective / Cop asks homeowner to see their Ring footage (this is most commonly because they had things stolen from vehicles in front of their house) and person shows it to them. They then second-hand record it on a department phone or someone assists uploading video. Also have seen them go house to house asking to look after somebody was shot and they were trying to find the shooters car. I haven’t seen them go directly to Amazon but then again maybe it’s just my local department doesn’t know how or isn’t necessary since most people let them look at the footage.


If you don’t want police or other law enforcement agencies looking into your homes/properties *don’t buy this technology*! Amazon is selling fear and relief from “uncertainty” and people are buying.