Analysis: ‘Punk nation’: Argentina inflation soars as hazy future drives price hikes

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There are 4 kinds of economies: developed, underdeveloped, Japan, and Argentina.


>”Everything is today, there is no tomorrow. Everything is in the short-term because there is no future.” Uhmmm, not taking the long view then.


Argentina is a good example of how shitty ” populist ” economic policies can take a country from the best in the region to one of the worst. People will never learn.


So are we taking out a mortgage to buy a house and paying it back with an acron and a small piece of cheese in 6 months?


This is going to be an unpopular opinion here, but I actually think all the negative hype (which is warranted to a given extent) has made Argentine public companies immensely under-valued. Companies like Cresud (CRESY), Central Puerto (CEPU), IRSA (IRS) and Banco Macro (BMA) are a steal at current valuations while everyone else is busy dumping their money into meme stocks.