“Armageddon and Deep Impact don’t get the physics right, but they made people aware that this could happen.” The director of NASA’s Spaceguard on the real world positive impact 90s disaster movies had on public funding for asteroid detection.

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When I was a kid, these movies freaked me out. The realization that a big rock traveling 10 miles every second could destroy the earth at any time really messed with my 10 year old mind.


So you are telling me that a modified shuttle cannot fly through the tail of an asteroid like it had the flight surfaces of a F15? Shocked I tell you!


remember harry stamper. he died for all mankind!


One wonders whether the late-1970s novel *Lucifer’s Hammer* had any role. SF novels don’t tend to exert as much mass-media influence, but I recall a lot of people read that one at the time.


Yet both have better physics than Gravity…. The Martian has the best physics