At least 17 police officers remain out of work with injuries from the Capitol attack

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Now I’m wondering how many injured police officers I’ve unwittingly left in my wake of tourism.


Of the 150 total police casualties, I remember seeing a few reports of cops with broken backs and others missing some fingers. Just a bunch of tourists indeed. /s


And the shitbags who attacked them are driving around with “thin blue line” stickers on their diesel trucks.


Republicans can pretend this didn’t happen all they want. The truth is many of these idiots were waiting for “the storm” basically a coup by military personnel and or the police where all the evil doers in the qanon conspiracies get arrested or executed. That’s why they went there and trolled around like they were going to kill people. Because it’s all part of their demented fantasy. If enough people in authority get indoctrinated to the cult it could be a real problem. Right now these fucking idiots are trying to will trump back into office in august and republican law makers are rolling out voter suppression bills.


“Back the Blue” types literally beating the shit out of cops with American Flags and such, and then saying “Wasn’t us, it was Antifa!” and also “It was just a regular tourist trip.” If you wrote this shit in a novel people would say your storyline was too stupid to be realistic.