Bill Gates’ next generation nuclear reactor to be built in Wyoming

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This is a good thing. Wyoming has been dependent on coal for decades too long and it has cost many people their jobs. Coal has been losing the energy battle for a long time, it’s time to adapt or die Wyoming. Young people don’t move to you anymore, and the young people born there leave.


One of the advantages of sodium cooled reactors (in addition to the safety advantages) is that they can run at much higher temperatures, which makes it viable to store that energy and use it later (as they are going to be doing here) This allows a nuclear power plant with this type of storage to react dynamically to changes in load pretty quickly, and allows the grid as a whole to take beter advantage of intermitted energy sources like wind and solar without having to ramp the nuclear power plant up and down (which would make it less efficient)


So they heat the sodium with uranium, and pump the molten sodium into a steam generator to produce steam and feed the turbine. Isn’t a thorium reactor roughly the same idea, but with a thorium/sodium mix? Is this a step towards that?


Is this the same reactor he was trying to have built in China in ~2016, but the administration ground that to a halt?


Last time I drove into Wyoming I saw an anti-wind turbine billboard complaining about how they ruin the landscape. This is in a state with fucking open pit coal mines and a giant oil refinery. They should be keen on nuclear but only if he tells them it’ll be super polluting.