Boaters rescue group hurling anti-gay abuse at them after their boat explodes

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They’re far nicer than me. I wouldn’t have let them on my boat. Got a life jacket? Great, hopefully the coast guard will be here soon! They harassed these people who very graciously gave them a ride and they didn’t even have the decency to thank them. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but still.


I mean, wouldn’t the right thing have been to let them drown? Wait…hear me out. I’m saying they should have been left to drown *and* die. Like, these people would no longer be alive. See what I’m getting at here? A better world by letting these meatbags meet the demise of their own causing.


I’d probably have pulled them out too, but I definitely would have dropped a “God appears to have punished you for your actions” or two


Fuck those assholes. Die and burn in hell.


This is what we call karma.