California’s renewable natural gas vehicles turn carbon negative in 2020 – Vehicles in California running on renewable natural gas removed more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than they emitted for the first time last year as the carbon intensity of the fuel continues to drop.

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“Removed” or “managed to produce less than they would have had they been traditional gasoline vehicles?” I’m guessing it’s the latter, and I’m pretty tired of this type of phrasing that seems to imply that failing to produce as much CO2 as was expected to be produced is equivalent to removing it. Unless, of course, I’m fundamentally misunderstanding how this technology works. Feel free to correct me.


Will be interesting to see some more relevant results from a typical year. As I’m guessing there was less traffic in 2020 than would be typical. Sure didn’t stop them from calling their results “verified”, though lol. Progress is progress, though! So long as it’s heading in the right direction, that is. Will be exciting to see what the stats look like next year!


RNG is pretty interesting stuff since it’s often made from waste and scraps and byproducts.


Funny how effective something can be if you invest in it for more than a decade. Too bad the US as a whole has been dragging it’s feet since the 90s


Keep in mind that the findings in this article come directly from NGVAmerica, an advocacy organization for the natural gas vehicle industry. So their view may not be entirely objective.