Carcinogen found in some popular sunscreens and after-sun products including Neutrogena, tests show

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Surprise. It’s Benzene. *Again.*


My white Irish ass just can’t catch a break.


Uggghhh…the sun will give me cancer and my sunblock will give me cancer wtf….are supposed to be nocturnal or some shit.


Lawyers for the $3.9 billion, J & J talcum powder lawsuit are taking notice.


> David Light, the founder and CEO of Valisure, believes the issue is **manufacturing contamination affecting specific batches**. While the source of the contaminant is unknown and more of the products tested passed than failed, Light urged manufacturers and consumers to take the matter seriously. So if this is just affecting specific batches of each product, then why are they publishing this and making it sound like all batches of that specific product have benzene? They should just let the manufacturers know that some batches might be contaminated.