China reports sudden surge in COVID-19 cases causing flight cancellations

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I ill never understand why the fuck we are continuing with international travel. This rush to get back to normal is why we never get back to normal. And to think, we all laughed a Pandas who wouldnt fuck to save their own species…


Love all the logic-challenged dipshits that bitch about China giving us the Virus,then brag about how Florida is open. So China are assholes for not containing the virus,but drunken american tourists spreading it to all the other states is a-ok.


Only 27 cases?!?. I got an email from a carrier stating that they had closed yantian port and are.expecting vessel and shipping delays due to the outbreak.


This type of response illustrates how china got it under control so fast while other countries especially western nations had so many more deaths >Of the 27 new coronavirus cases reported by the national health authority in its daily updates, only 7 infections were imported, with the remainder originating in Guangdong province. >Out of the 20 new locally confirmed patients on May 30, 18 were found in Guangzhou city and two in Foshan city, health authorities in Guangdong province said on Monday. >As of 11:40 am, a total of 519 flights at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport were cancelled, accounting for 37% of total flights on Monday, according to aviation data provider Variflight.


I’m guessing no reports yet as to what variant(s) of Covid it is?