Christians are killing Christianity

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Look to history. People on the losing side always sense it coming and always lash out in their final death rattles. It’s happened time and time again, but unfortunately I don’t think it’s guilt Christianity that will easily go away. Instead they’ll likely have to change their morals once more to match up with modern day society. They’ve done it plenty before so I’m unsure why anyone thinks they won’t do it again and just stop being Christian. They fought tooth and nail to keep divorce illegal for such a reason. Now you don’t see them bat an eye at the “sin” of divorce. I bet a lot of them also fought against women having equal rights and slavery ending and all manner of anything that changes and opposes their beliefs. In the end, over time, they will likely perform their mental gymnastics to tolerate LGBTQ, women having control over their own bodies, people who don’t think like them still having equal rights, etc. They don’t want to but they will have little choice in the long run. I believe what you are seeing is their last blunt display of power before they lose it, coupled with moderate people pulling away from their churches because of all the hateful rhetoric. The religious leaders will likely come to a point where they raise they’ve lost this battle fully and in other not to lose their sheep they’ll need to change some things.


I 100% agree with this. I think the explanation is a lot simpler than most people think though. Bottom line is that this is their response to the legalization of same-sex marriage. Conservative Christians completely lost their mind on June 26, 2015 and their tantrum has continued to this day. The Sunday after that was when I made the decision to stop going to church because I just didn’t want to be around the hysteria. Two years later I was finally able to say I’m atheist. To most conservative Christians, the legalization of same-sex marriage completely reframed how they view America, politics, and the role of Christianity in our society. To them, that was when America officially went from being a Christian nation to a post-Christian nation. “Burn it all down” is fine with them because that’s what they believe this country deserves anyways for legalizing same-sex marriage.


Just don’t mistake the demise of right-wing Christianity for the demise of right-wing extremism. Trump proved they don’t need religious reasons to promote bigotry and intolerance.


A number of years ago I dated a woman who graduated from Liberty University. We’ve stayed friendly since, though now I really only see her through her Facebook posts, almost entirely memes, almost none of which are original to her, almost all of which are what I term “performative Christianity.” Based on the non-Christianity-related posts — can’t help refugees, Dr. Fauci is evil, COVID is just the flu, socialism is evil — she’s not Christian in any meaningful way. She would insist that, no, she is a Christian, but hers is a cultural, rather than theological Christianity. She may “love Jesus in her heart,” but she doesn’t care about what Jesus actually taught and said. “Christian” has increasingly become a cultural signifier in the United States over the last twenty-five years.


This describes evangelicals, but plenty of Christians do not embrace right-wing pro-Trump politics. Including the president.