Conservative Columnist Warns Of GOP Plot To Steal 2024 Election

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What? they’re still trying to steal the 2020 election. ​ And they still insist 2016 and 2000 were not stolen.


Is there a way to mark a post as “no shit”? /s


Plot? They’ve been doing this shit in the open for the last decade.


From the article “And if we’re all going to be treated like criminals, and all subject to every single law while antifa, Black Lives Matter guys go free and Hunter Biden goes free, the right’s going to take drastic measures.”


In order to undermine this plot…. basically fucking VOTE. The GOP will no doubt attempt to block certification at both the national and state level. We must take state legislatures and hold the federal trifecta. This will completely block all GOP attempts to steal the next election. Ideally, we want to at least partially take control of battleground state legislatures and use it as a buffer against attempts to block certification and appointing competing slates of electors. Michigan, Arizona, New Hampshire, and the Wisconsin State Senate are great oppurtunities for doing just that. At the national level there are vulnerable Republicans in Biden districts that will allow us to not only hold the house, but also expand upon it. In many ways, the GOP is actually at a bigger disadvantage than the democrats. There’s WAY more ground to defend in most races. From the Senate, to state legislatures, and to governorships. There’s alot of ground they have to cover and it’s unlikely they’ll be able to defend all of it. Pickups are a possibility, and even dare say a probability. We just gotta fucking VOTE….it’s either we vote or we are enslaved by fascists once they seize power. I think the choice is very obvious… Wouldn’t you agree?