Covid cases in U.S. fall to levels not seen since March 2020

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weird, it’s almost as if vaccination works


I avoided covid this entire time only to get viral meningitis in May of this year 😐


No new cases or deaths in the county I work in. Today was the 1st day that happened since last spring.


There was almost no testing in March 2020 – cases were really much much higher back then than they are now.


I’m from Miami and spent last weekend in New York. I’m fully vaccinated and previously had covid so I wasn’t really afraid to catch it. I was so surprised at how vibrant the city is, it had been so long since I was in a bar full of people. It’s nice to see the US going back to normal, I hope other countries reach that too, sooner than later. Just now people in their 50’s are able to get vaccinated in my home country.