Daily Simple Questions Thread – June 03, 2021

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I stepped up to a cable pull down seat station in my gym after the previous guy unclipped the handle he used, picked up his gym bag and towel and walked away. There was a water bottle halfway between that station and the next one to the right. I grabbed the bar for lat pull downs and began to pull the cable down and the guy came stomping up, picked up his water bottle, shook it at me, and said, can’t you see this machine is being used? What are you doing? My masked mouth fell open. I said sorry sorry sorry, I thought you were done, sorry and the guy followed me to put the bar back. I was shaking, not scared, but pissed by the behavior. I’m an obese 63-year-old woman who’s worked out in gyms in years past. He was a late 20-‘s-early 30’s guy. What did I do, if anything, to deserve that? I didn’t finish my workout. I can’t tolerate drama. WTF?


I’m trying to get a few more inches out of my vertical leap. I’m 6’3″ 195 lbs and I can squat 275 pretty easily for reps atm. A friend of mine told me that instead of just going for higher weight on squat I could decrease the weight a bit (to around 225) and work on really exploding upwards from the bottom to top position of the squat. Basically just doing a really fast squat with less weight. Anyone had any experience with this?


I ran today for the first time in months and my mile time was 7:30. I need to cut that down by a minute in a month. Any advice? I figure not wearing sweatpants in 90° heat and humidity is a starting point.


Does anyone know of any good minimalist workouts with an emphasis on hypertrophy? Not really feeling motivated to weight train at the moment with the weather getting better, want to spend more time outdoors. But at the same time, I don’t want to lose any muscle if I can avoid it.


Is there an app to track my workouts, specifically the following: * What I did on my last workout * What I did this workout * A way to mark wether I feel ready to go heavier/longer sets next time? Happy to pay if it’s right, I pay for Strava for running.