Denmark passes law to let it relocate asylum seekers outside Europe

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Dane here. There are talks with rawanda going on, government is not being very open about it, but most likely it is about this. Also this is a leftwing government we have at the moment, so not right wing idea. It also follows the majority of the peoples wishes, the MENAP immigration has been what is commonly called “the experiment that failed”, maybe it’s us, maybe it’s them, maybe both, only thing we do know is that it is not really working out for either party overall. Sure, success stories are plenty, but they are outweighed by the stories of non-participation in the workforce, terrorism, sharia courts, violence, mass rapes, petty crime etc. We were hit by the cartoon crisis twice, domestic terrorism, assassination attempts etc. Denmark has public available statistics covering all of this in detail, so the discussion is more or less “done” as I would say it. The question now is what to do with the situation at hand? Consensus between most of the political parties is that a stop of immigration is of course a first step. I honestly don’t know what will come next.


Maybe they’re gonna send a raiding party with ships full of refugees to UK again..


As a Dane this is great. Literally no one wants mass immigration. It’s the social Democratic Party in charge right now doing this, so it’s not a left vs right issue. You are not forced to move here and we don’t want you here. Win-win


Given how badly the Syrian refugee crisis was handled in Europe I can’t say I’m very surprised at these outcomes. Besides, a large portion of current “asylum seekers” are from safe countries such as Morocco and just come to abuse their host country’s generosity until they inevitably get kicked out again. And oftentimes their country of origin doesn’t even take them back so we’re stuck with them.


Just be honest. Don’t give asylum if you don’t want to. Why so much drama to relocate outside Europe. And Denmark is not a country that has tremendous influence outside Europe.